Soft opening of MPKeebs!

By Leonard Delurintu

Hello everyone!

This post marks the official release of our services to the public, and we are glad to be doing so. Over the past two years, I (Leo / memories) have been part of the community and providing a small personal lube service to some close friends and customers. I am now confident and excited to be able to branch out and work with some amazing people / vendors to make premium pre-lubed switches widely available and easily accessible. The main point of our services largely stems from aiding new customers to have an overall experience comparable to that of other well seasoned enthusiast grade keyboards.

I am confident with my abilities as I have worked with numerous clientele and streamers, such as geraldJubi, LightningXI, and many others to note. I've linked some videos here for reference so you can judge whether or not you'd be satisfied with my work.

I hope to have a successful launch, and I hope you all enjoy what we at MPKeebs will have to offer.

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Our best regards from the team @ MPKeebs,

memories#0001 (Leonard)
B š‘’ š’· š‘œ š“…#5981 (Chris)
Neku#6894 (Brandon)

PS. Use code LETSLUBE at checkout for 10% off your lube order! (Until Sept. 1st, 2021)